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Papuan Children’s Joy When Receiving School Bags from Yonif 512/QY Task Force



Papuan Children's Joy Keerom, Papua Concern for the world of education is still one of the main priorities for the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Mechanized Battalion 512/QY, such as the activities carried out by the Workwana Post at Impres Workwana Elementary School, Arso District, Keerom Regency, Papua. Wednesday (27/10/2021)

The school bag distribution activity, which was led directly by Danpos Workwana Letda Inf Ahmad Awaludin, received appreciation from the teachers of Impres Workwana Elementary School and also brought joy to the children. The children’s happy faces were clearly visible when the bags started to be distributed.

The school bags that were distributed were one of the items brought from Mako Yonif Mekanis 512/QY to be precise in Malang City, East Java. These bags were deliberately prepared to be distributed to children in Papua.

Yulius, one of the children who received school bags, said that he was very happy, he also promised Danpos that he would be more active in studying and taking care of the bags that had been distributed by Pos Workwana members.

Meanwhile, Dansatgas Lt. Col. Inf Taufik Hidayat, when confirmed, explained that similar bag distribution activities were also carried out in other schools in the area under the supervision of the 512/QY Mechanized Yonif Task Force Post.

“The activities we carry out at school vary, from sharing knowledge as assistant teachers, instilling discipline through PBB (Marching Training) activities, distributing school supplies (books, stationery, uniforms and bags) to providing motivation to children in in the middle of learning activities,” explained Dansatgas

“We do all this to increase enthusiasm for school so that later we can continue our education until we become a quality generation,” he concluded. (Red/AN/Pen Battalion 512/QY)

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Commission III DPR RI Appreciates the Performance of Inspector General Pol Mohammad Iqbal Leading the Riau Regional Police



Authentic Pekanbaru

Commission III DPR RI appreciates the performance shown by Inspector General Pol Mohammad Iqbal in leading the Riau Regional Police. It is hoped that this great work will continue to be carried out consistently in the future.

This was stated by member of Commission III Arteria Dahlan after holding a working meeting with the ranks of the Riau Regional Police, Friday (15/4/2022) afternoon. The PDI-P politician, Inspector General Pol Mohammad Iqbal, said he had shown good performance, even though he had only served as Riau Police Chief for three months.

“We express our extraordinary appreciation. “Mr. Iqbal has only been able to provide consistent, sustainable work for three months, he has been able to show hard work, smart work and great work,” said Arteria Dahlan to journalists at the Riau Regional Police Headquarters.

He stated that this good performance was supported by all ranks in the Bhayangkara Corps in Bumi Lancang Kuning. Everything, according to him, runs simultaneously.

“Now everything is happening simultaneously. All work directorates are measurable. “All work directorates were present,” continued Arteria.

“Hopefully these three months will provide the basis for the next great work,” he continued hopefully.

Meanwhile, Riau Regional Police Chief Inspector General Mohammad Iqbal expressed his gratitude for the working visit of Commission III DPR RI.

“In essence, for the visit (Commission III) of the DPR RI, we would like to thank you for your input, corrections and appreciation. “The spirit is to improve or strengthen the performance of the Riau Regional Police,” said the Regional Police Chief. (Ed/ANC)

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Riau Governor Attends Blood Donation Social Service for 72nd Anniversary of Satpol PP and 60th Satlinmas



Satpol PP

Authentic , Riau,-

In the context of the 72nd Anniversary of the Satpol PP and the 60th Satlinmas Satpol PP of Riau Province collaborates with PMI to Hold Blood Donation Social Service targeting personnel in the Satpol PP office of Riau Province, Thursday 10-03-2022 at the Hall of the Civil Service Police Unit of Riau Province Jl . Lt. Col. Hasan Basri, Cinta Raja, District. Sail, Pekanbaru City, Riau 28127

This blood donation social service activity was attended by personnel within the Riau Province Satpol PP with a target quota of 200 donors registering 150 people. This blood donation event was attended directly by the Governor of Riau Drs. H. Syamsuar, M.Si. Assistant III to the Regional Secretariat of Riau Province H.Joni Irwan, SH.MH Head of UTD PMI Pekanbaru City dr. Bebe Gani Head of the Riau Province Civil Service Police Unit Drs. Hadi Penandio and all Echelon III and IV officials within the Riau Province Satpol PP office

In this social service event session, the Governor of Riau said “Happy Birthday to the 72nd Civil Service Police Unit and the 60th Anniversary of Linmas.

“I hope that Satpol PP continues to work optimally in accordance with its main duties and functions and can carry out its duties better and hopefully can help local governments in carrying out government and development.

“Thank you also for your dedication and loyalty in work and for helping a lot in efforts to deal with Covid-19. Hopefully this will be a charity for all of us,” concluded the Governor of Riau.

Head of Riau Province Satpol PP Hadi Penandio on this occasion also added “The implementation of this activity is a form of social concern and humanity for the Riau Province Satpol PP family to help others in need, in this case blood,

“This social activity aims to help people who really need blood, it is also a concrete manifestation of the dedication of the Riau Province Satpol PP to the community, especially for the Riau region during this pandemic which is not yet over,” said Hadi

With regular blood donations, apart from being able to help others, it also makes our bodies healthy. Hopefully this activity can save the lives of others. “The spirit of sharing with others, the spirit of social care, starting from small activities and activities such as blood donation, if this is implemented it will make it easier for our unity to realize Professionalism and Integrity, Realizing the Implementation of Peace and Public Order for a Progressive and Healthy Indonesia.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the participation of all my friends and members of the Riau Province Satpol PP who have agreed to take part in making this blood donation activity a success. I hope this will be a charity and benefit others,” he concluded (Red/ANC)

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Kodam I/BB Rank One UAPPAW Financial Report and SP3BBLU Submission Performance FY 2021



Medan – Bukit Barisan Regional Military Command I managed to achieve first place in the financial report of the Regional Budget User Assistant Accounting Unit (UAPPAW) Medium Category for FY 2021 from the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury (Kanwil DJP) of the North Sumatra Province Ministry of Finance, Wednesday (22/12/2021).

Kodam I/BB

Kodam I/BB

The award was received directly by Pangdam I/BB, Major General TNI Hassanudin, SIP, MM, from the Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury (DJP) of the Ministry of Finance of the Province, Safriadi at the 2021 UAPPAW Level Accounting Work Meeting at the Recreation Hall of the State Finance Building, Jl Pangeran Diponegoro No. 30 A Medan, North Sumatra Province..

The Military Commander admitted that he was grateful for the achievements achieved by Kodam I/BB, and this appreciation would further spur more accountable, transparent and professional budget management within Makodam I/BB and its staff units.

Kodam I/BB

Kodam I/BB

“With this achievement, hopefully we can create an integrity zone towards a Corruption Free Area (WBK) and a Bureaucratic and Clean Serving Area (WBBM), especially in the Kodam I/BB environment,” said TNI Major General Hassanudin.

The series of activities took place with strict Health Protocols, and were attended by Asrendam I/BB, Kakudam I/BB and public officials from other government agencies. ***(Pendam I/BB)

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