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Orderly Ramadhan Operation, Riau Regional Police Gives Worshiping Community a Sense of Security.



Riau Regional Police

Authentic, Riau

The first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, on Sunday (3/4/2022) in Riau, the situation is considered conducive. Muslims who carry out their worship feel safe and comfortable thanks to the presence of police personnel.

Where personnel from all Work Units (Satker), starting from Brimob, Traffic, Investigation, Samapta, Pam Obvit, Binmas and Intelligence, were deployed to a number of road points and crowded locations as well as places of worship.

Based on observations on Sunday night, personnel from the Bhayangkara Corps were seen standing guard at the mosque where Muslims pray. One of them is in Pekanbaru City, namely in the Annur Great Mosque area.

Officers are divided into several teams. Starting from carrying out patrols, guarding/guarding the gates, helping arrange vehicles entering and leaving, and helping people cross the road to get to the mosque.

Even several Muslim police officers wearing uniforms and caps were seen among the mosque congregation members, performing tarawih prayers in congregation.

With the presence of Police personnel in the midst of this community, it certainly makes the community happy and feel safe. The presence of the police is also in order to anticipate potential security disturbances.

“Thank you, police, we, the people, feel protected by the presence of the police. “We are calm while praying, and when we are on the streets, we are safe because there are lots of police patrolling,” said Nurjanah, a congregation at the Annur mosque after tarawih prayers.

Riau Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Mohammad Iqbal, said that National Police personnel are an important element in creating security in society.

“Especially providing a sense of security and comfort for the community while carrying out religious activities in the month of Ramadan 1443 H,” said Inspector General Iqbal.

In carrying out security, Inspector General Iqbal carries the concept of ‘Preventive Strike’. This concept is explained in 2 patterns of police operations.

First, Condition Creation Operation (Cipkon) through Enhanced Routine Activities (KRYD), especially 10 days before Ramadan.

“We actually carried out the Operation Create Conditions strategy before Ramadan arrived. This operation is to create a conducive, safe and smooth situation. We also all know that the arrival of the month of Ramadan requires solemnity. “Because the month of Ramadan is a holy month, full of maghfirah and mercy,” said Inspector General Iqbal.

“Therefore, the police are an important element in creating that solemnity. “For this reason, 10 days before the D day (Ramadan), we held a Cipkon KRYD operation, we carried out raids on alcohol, drugs, speeding, exhaust pipes, thuggery, guns and guns,” he added.

According to the Riau Regional Police Chief, this was done to minimize existing security disturbances.

Inspector General Iqbal emphasized that operations like this will also continue to be carried out after Ramadan.

“We cannot work optimally, so on this occasion we appeal to help elements of society. “Today is a step stone to create a conducive situation in Riau Province,” he said.

Not only the Cipkon Operation, Inspector General Iqbal explained, his staff are also holding the 2022 Lancang Kuning Ramadan Orderly Operation, starting on April 1 2022. This is also part of the Preventive Strike concept.

The operation was carried out by all levels of the Police/Polresta in all districts and cities in Riau Province.

“The goal is to improve the work of the police and all existing stakeholders. “For example, we will be present in all existing mosques to suppress unwanted things,” said the former Head of the National Police’s Public Relations Division.

“This doesn’t mean inside the mosque, but we want to minimize security disturbances. For example, fights, theft, for example during tarawih. All personnel will be present at Ramadan activities. “Whether it’s tarawih, or there are recitations, etc.,” he added.

Next, Inspector General Iqbal explained that National Police personnel would also be involved in securing several other activities. Such as at dawn, dawn romance, and other activities that are usually carried out in the month of Ramadan.

“We will be present through the Ramadan Orderly Operation. At least there is no speeding, brawls between residents. “This will continue until the special police operation, namely Operation Ketupat,” explained this 1991 Police Academy graduate.

He ensured that all the Riau Regional Police’s ‘machines’ would move to provide security, supported by the TNI, Regional Government officials, as well as religious leaders, traditional leaders, and others. (Ed/ANC)

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Riau Governor Attends Blood Donation Social Service for 72nd Anniversary of Satpol PP and 60th Satlinmas



Satpol PP

Authentic , Riau,-

In the context of the 72nd Anniversary of the Satpol PP and the 60th Satlinmas Satpol PP of Riau Province collaborates with PMI to Hold Blood Donation Social Service targeting personnel in the Satpol PP office of Riau Province, Thursday 10-03-2022 at the Hall of the Civil Service Police Unit of Riau Province Jl . Lt. Col. Hasan Basri, Cinta Raja, District. Sail, Pekanbaru City, Riau 28127

This blood donation social service activity was attended by personnel within the Riau Province Satpol PP with a target quota of 200 donors registering 150 people. This blood donation event was attended directly by the Governor of Riau Drs. H. Syamsuar, M.Si. Assistant III to the Regional Secretariat of Riau Province H.Joni Irwan, SH.MH Head of UTD PMI Pekanbaru City dr. Bebe Gani Head of the Riau Province Civil Service Police Unit Drs. Hadi Penandio and all Echelon III and IV officials within the Riau Province Satpol PP office

In this social service event session, the Governor of Riau said “Happy Birthday to the 72nd Civil Service Police Unit and the 60th Anniversary of Linmas.

“I hope that Satpol PP continues to work optimally in accordance with its main duties and functions and can carry out its duties better and hopefully can help local governments in carrying out government and development.

“Thank you also for your dedication and loyalty in work and for helping a lot in efforts to deal with Covid-19. Hopefully this will be a charity for all of us,” concluded the Governor of Riau.

Head of Riau Province Satpol PP Hadi Penandio on this occasion also added “The implementation of this activity is a form of social concern and humanity for the Riau Province Satpol PP family to help others in need, in this case blood,

“This social activity aims to help people who really need blood, it is also a concrete manifestation of the dedication of the Riau Province Satpol PP to the community, especially for the Riau region during this pandemic which is not yet over,” said Hadi

With regular blood donations, apart from being able to help others, it also makes our bodies healthy. Hopefully this activity can save the lives of others. “The spirit of sharing with others, the spirit of social care, starting from small activities and activities such as blood donation, if this is implemented it will make it easier for our unity to realize Professionalism and Integrity, Realizing the Implementation of Peace and Public Order for a Progressive and Healthy Indonesia.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the participation of all my friends and members of the Riau Province Satpol PP who have agreed to take part in making this blood donation activity a success. I hope this will be a charity and benefit others,” he concluded (Red/ANC)

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Charta Politika Survey: National Police is the Legal Institution with the Best Performance


on Jakarta – The Indonesian Charta Politika Survey Institute released a survey regarding the best performing legal institutions. As a result, the Indonesian National Police (Polri) is in first place, followed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the Constitutional Court (MK), the Attorney General’s Office and the Supreme Court (MA).

This survey was conducted from 29 November to 6 December 2021 with 1,200 respondents aged 17 years and over or who met the election requirements.

This survey using the face-to-face interview method has a margin of error of around +-2.83 percent and a confidence level of 95 percent.

Based on the survey results, the National Police was chosen by respondents as the law enforcement agency with the best performance with a figure of 26.7 percent. Followed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) with 25.6 percent. Furthermore, the Constitutional Court (MK) was 10.7 percent, the Attorney General’s Office was 8.5 percent, the Supreme Court was 6.9 percent and they didn’t know or didn’t answer at 21.7 percent.

Then, according to the results of a survey on the level of trust in high state institutions, the President was in first place, followed by the TNI, Polri and KPK.

Based on survey results, the level of trust in the President is 77.8 percent. Followed by the TNI at 76.3 percent. Furthermore, the National Police is 66.8 percent and the Corruption Eradication Committee is 64.3 percent.

Fifth place is the Constitutional Court 59.3 percent, Agunh Prosecutor’s Office 58.6 percent, Supreme Court 58.3 percent, MPR 56.8 percent, DPR 56.3 percent, and DPD 56.1 percent.

“If we carried out this survey several years ago, especially before the revision of the Corruption Eradication Commission Law, usually the Corruption Eradication Commission was always number 2 or number 3, competing with the TNI and if we look now, even in several other survey institutions and some of the findings are that the National Police has succeeded in overtaking the Corruption Eradication Committee. ,” he said.

Source: HMS

Editor. : Bona

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The artificial lake tourist attraction is starting to get busy again, people are busy hunting for sunsets



Artificial Lake Riau – Pekanbaru – Artificial Lake, is a natural tourist attraction that is worth visiting if you go to Pekanbaru. The lake, which covers an area of ​​14 hectares, offers views of the forest and calm lake water.

“When PPKM was relaxed, people started to trade,” said Rina, a resident who lives around the natural tourist attraction, Saturday (11/9/2021).

One of the attractions of this lake, which is called Lake Kayangan, is in the afternoon. It can be seen that there are many visitors hunting for sunsets to fill their social media.

Hunting for sunset at the Artificial Lake which is located in Limbungan Village, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru City, is very enjoyable.

The view of twilight stretches across the eastern horizon with a glimpse of orange before the sun descends to its bed. What is in the sky is also reflected like a mirror from the calm lake water. The atmosphere is really fun.

“I rarely come here, it turns out it’s fun too. “There were also quite a lot of visitors,” said Akmal, a Pekanbaru resident who also spent the evening at the Artificial Lake that afternoon.

From the center of Pekanbaru City to the Artificial Lake takes around 25 – 30 minutes by motorbike. This distance is shorter because travelers can now cross the Siak IV Bridge.

As the afternoon approaches, a number of community and visitor activities can be observed, in fact, we can also join in with their activities. These include fishing and enjoying a cup of warm coffee on the edge of the lake. (Red/ACR)

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